"Every story has a beginning middle and an end but not necessarily in that order- Jean Luc -Godard"
A life is just a collection of stories all put together.
A beginning and end.
And than the interesting stuff that happens in between.
Every story is important so why not tell your story however you want.
The concept of this group is basically what if you didn't have to write a characters life in order. What if you started at 80 and your stories are just flashbacks and memories of how your character end up there. Or you started at 19 and then went to 45 back to 24. There is literally no order you have to follow , everything is up to you.

Group Rules:
- Firstly there is no set limit , i would say once a month at LEAST. I'd prefer more than that but i understand life and other groups get in the way.
- Stories are a must but liking/commenting other people's sets is what makes a group amazing.
- Don't join if you don't think you will be able to write for your character in the long run. It's nothing personal but how much does joining a group and then dropping out after a week suck.
- High fashion , No TXT talk etc is all a given right?
- Drama outside of the group is stupid. Don't cause it , don't get involved with just don't

Group Info
- Since it would be easier for other characters to have known each other atleast once the starting city for your character is Edinburgh , she (or he if you feel like it) could have lived there as a child or grew up there or studied there whatever. They don't have to be Scottish , just had to live there once in their life.
- Casting is a big deal in this group especially since you are writing about their entire life in a random sort of way. So the only models that are exclusive are character models , love interest (major super important love interests) and really REALLY important people (family , platonic soulmates - otherwise known as bestfriends , etc - just really important.).
Rules For Stories
- Only one rule. Since this roleplay is all over your characters timeline i ask that you include this format at the start of your story.
current location: city, country
date: dd/mm
Audition Info:
- Well firstly do all the normal stuff.
eg. join the group (that would help) , make a set , fill in the bio etc.
You will have three different models for the character
- Teens - Early Twentys.
- Mid Twenties - Forties
- Forties+
You don't have to include a picture of all 3 models in your sets but feel free to if you want but please specify them in your set.
Included a short story. At least 4 paragraphs please.

Character Bio:
quote: (to describe overall character)
place of birth:
place of residence:
schooling :
family :
past/ current/ future relationships (try not to go over board here)
collection :
EXTRA// (Don't need to be done but can be helpful)
Taken Face Claims (Main) :
Taken Face Claims (Side Characters)
Taken Face Claims (Love Interests)

Created : 08/06/2013
Inspired by the quote at the start of the group.

The Staff Room.

The Staff Room.

St Marks Academy, Massachusetts. A school renowned across the country, known for it's high results with most, if not all alumni ending up at an ivy league university, it's excellent teaching staff and it's wealth. A school without a tarnished reputation... well until now. It was reported that the body of a senior student was found on in the schools expansive library on Monday the 6th of February. It was revealed later that it was the body of senior student Alexander Montgomery (the youngest son of the Montgomery empire). No further information has been found yet as investigations are under way. It has been said that this is very complicated matter and the investigations are expansive. The public is asked to leave the Montgomery family alone while they are grieving.

This roleplay focuses on the lives off the teaching staff of St Marks Academy and their messy dramatic lives , as well as their role in the murder of Alexander Montgomery.

✸ All your normal rp rules, no godmodding , no text talk (unless it is an actual text in which case i guess go for it.), no god modding, no drama outside of the group - treat everyone with respect.

✸ This is a story roleplay. You can write in whatever POV you prefer. I am not expecting novel length stories - just a decent length.

✸ No perfect characters. Write interesting characters who are flawed and complex - but most of all make a character that you are inspired and want to write for.

✸ Okay so i am not a really pushy mod when it comes to activity. I would prefer atleast a story a month but obviously more is better.

✸That been said if you can't write for a long peroid or just feel you have to drop out off the group please let me know.

✸I am not really strict on types of Faceclaim's you can use, models, actors /actresses, bloggers, musicians - whatever it's upto you as long as it is an age appropriate choice . I prefer no site models though!

✸ Diversity in model choices is encouraged.

✸Please comment and read each other's stories! i know how much effort everyone put's in so the least we can do is read each others work.

✸ This group will deal with more adult situations so i would ask you to put appropriate warnings for your stories and if you really feel uncomfortable such situations don't join.
Age :
Birthday :
Hometown :
Face Claim :
Personality :
Quirks /Hobbies/ Mannerism :
Bio :
Position :
Important Relationship :
Taken: @/Username
Other :
(tidbits or information you want to add or mention. this is OPTIONAL)
Top Three (Just incase someone auditions for the same character)
Optional :
▸Five Facts
▸ How To Write Collection
▸Social Media

the 10 guys challenge

the 10 guys challenge

you remember a guy not just by his looks; but you also remember them by the impact they have in your life - whether its a good or bad one, you'll always remember them.
♫ After completing the list, please create a collection titled, "10 guys challenge," PM one of us the link and we'll put you on the hall of fame + like every set. Thanks and have fun!
the guys;
the 10 guys challenge.
(1) the husband, the love of your life
(2) your wedding day guilt, the guy you have sex with during your bachelorette party
(3) your date, the one who won you during an auction
(4) heart breaker, your first guy that breaks your heart
(5) gay best friend
(6) your shoulder to cry on
(7) the brother you've always wanted
(8) the one night stand
(9) your movie star boyfriend
(10) the rock star you would date
hall of fame
[01] Gina007 II December 18th 2010
[02] daniihstart II December 21st 2010
[03] xshadesofblackx♥ II December 22nd 2010
[04] nessazura ll December 22nd 2010

[05] Stephii| Danger Line | II December 23rd 2010
[06] ~{Chrystal Caper}~ ll December 24th 2010
[07] BEExxo ll December 25th 2010.
[08] ♥*! EeeZzz Shortstack ♥*! ll December 25th 2010
[09] Don't really know II December 26th 2010
[10] ⓛⓨⓝⓝ♥ⓟⓔⓛⓛⓔⓣⓘⓔⓡ ll December 26th 2010
[11] Veinfully Panic ll December 27th 2010
[12] ※KaϊՇℓყnღ ll December 27th 2010
[13] Tinkɛrbɛɭɭ {on} ll December 27th 2010
[14] fiendishthingy II December 27th 2010
[15] notallama ll December 28th 2010.
[16] Daydream※Believer{On} ll December 28th 2010
[17]LaceLeatherRockNroll ll December 28th 2010
[18] pri <3's rathbone(jan25th) ll December 28th 2010
[19] jadoreingrid ll December 28th 2010
[20] Tania L.ll December 29th 2010
[21] Vicki; ll December 29th 2010
[22] Ruh Weasley-Cullen ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[23] The.Jean.Genie ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[24] ADDICTED; to fashion {<3} ll Decemeber 29th 2010
[25] {Teenage Dream} ON II December 29th 2010
[26] ~Deh~ .ll December 30th 2010

[27] {▲ ℓost in Իℯaℓitყ ▲} II December 30th 2010 -

[28] (-- dearly departed --) II December 30th 2010 -

[29] Aмвεɾ Eℓιzαвετн-Mαɾιε II December 30th 2010 -
[30] awkardly perfect ll December 30th 2010 -

[31] egoods ll December 30th 2010 -
[32]SillγSρaяklзs ll December 30th 2010 -
[33] dancingwithtears ll December 30th 2010
[34]☮♥♫need a little change♥♫ ll December 31st 2010
[35]Irtis ll December 31st 2010
[36] ♥ Caroline ♥ (busy) ll December 31st
[37] from_yesterday II January 1st 2011
[38] no☆average☆angel II January 1st 2011
[39] shayne strikes again☮ ll January 1st 2011
[40] [Smokey Fuzz ♥ ] ll January 1st 2011
[41] муѕтι¢♥qυєєη II January 1st 2011
[42] ashley♥petrova { B-day Jan 23rd} ll January 1st 2011
[43] ♥PurpleNurples♥ ll January 1st 2011
[44] -youthfulrebellion ll January 1st 2011
[45] [puckerr upp] ll January 1st 2011
[46] -comε αℓong pond. ♥ ll January 2nd 2011

[47]˙▽˙_❤ColdHearted26❤_˙▽˙ ll January 2nd 2011
[48] -Michaela.♥ ツ ll January 3rd 2011
[49] ❀ՇinkerbellƬorieღ ll January 3rd 2011
[50] maяia™ ll January 3rd 2011
[51] ❀ՇinkerbellƬorieღ II January 3rd 2011
[52]hellohellobaby ll January 4th 2011
[53]Hannah_Grace ll January 4th 2011

[54] bookworm<3 ll January 5th 2011
[55] кiʟʟյסʏ❦ʟɑмʙeʀτ ll January 5th 2011
[56] sa.sins II January 5th 2011
[57] rαther be in nαrniα. II January 5th 2011
[58]sumz; ll January 6th 2011
[59] Shelbyox ll January 6th 2011
[60] Mrs. CarlieTwilight D. Salvatore ll 6th January 2011

[61] ▲TakeABiteOfMyHeartTonight▲ ll 6th January 2011
[62] ʀɑɛ♫ⓘ♫ɑм ll 6th January 2011
[63] ariel - ll 7th January 2011
[64] rebecca.gaskarth.♥ ll 7th January 2011
[65] KRISTY CULLEN!! ll 7th January 2011
[66] I'm sad; but I'm smiling - ll 9th January 2011
[67] -young and native; ll 9th January 2011
[68 ]&&all_that_glitters♥♥ ll 9th January 2011
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[71] Mommy~ ll 10th January 2011
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[77]→Therese♥Meraz← [ONLINE] - ll January 13th 2011

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[90] &&Cнαяℓιε.Bεℓℓ ll January 15th 2011

[91]ß▲ΗϟΗ▲Η ll January 15th 2011
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[93]immaculatemisconception.♥ ll January 16th 2011
[94]Myworld*Mystyle ll January 17th 2011
[95]Cℓαιяє♥Aℓуѕѕα ll January 17th 2011
[96]dtellme ll January 17th 2011
[97]Hufflepuff9832 -ll January 17th 2011
[98]i wont forget it ll January 18th 2011
[99] So(ul)Cat ll January 19th 2011
[100] Angelchen ll January 20th 2011
[101]dfsgirl ll January 20th 2011
[102] daydreamer_ ll January 20th 2011
[103] Ashhole04 ll January 20th 2011
[104]Flirt With Me. ll January 21st 2011
[105]M.Dash ll January 21st 2011
[106]Nanou- ll January 23rd 2011
[107] ♥ Gabriella ♥ II January 25th 2011
[108]ArtemisLB ll January 27th 2011
[109] get-scared-lover911 II 21st November 2011

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

"The WC pulls out a rather interesting new line up with many of hits shows finishing up recently. While a few old favorites remain , their line up mostly relies on new fresh shows. Many in TV land are skeptical on how well this move will go for the WC. "
"A new fresh look for The WC. While old favourites like The Love Club , New York I Love You and more recent hits,the critically acclaimed Throne Wars , teen favourite Midnight in Manhattan remain. The WC put forward a mostly new line up , consisting of fresh new actors and actresses. Whether or not this works out remains to be seem but we can't help but look forward to see how this plays out."
This roleplay is based on the lives of several actors and actresses and what happens behind the scenes of several hit shows that air on WC network. Some of them are on more established shows while others on brand new shows. Either way they all have to get used to their brand new life. On the plus side you have fame and fortune , you will be on magazine covers and get to go to all the hottest parties and walk the red carpet but on the other hand you have long hours , early mornings , you personal life is out there on/in every gossip site and magazine, fans that are so ready to see you fail - you know the regular price of fame.
- Basic Rp Rules 101 - no text talk , use proper sentences. no godmodding , etc.
- You can audition for male or female characters. Which ever you feel comfortable playing.
- No perfect characters. Write interesting characters who are flawed and complex - but most of all make a character that you are inspired and want to write for.
- Think about fashion choices. I am not going to go on saying designer everything but think about your favourite actor/actresses and the type of clothes they wear.
- Diversity in model choice is highly encouraged.
- Bowties are cool. Drama outside the roleplay is not. Seriously it's not fun, no one likes it so don't get involved in it.
- This group is going to be collabritive group - so reading + commenting on other members set is a must and collabs are recccommend (plus they are a fun way to stay active.)
- For anyone who has been in any of my rp groups before you know i am not overly strict on set requirements - i know a lot of you are busy with school and work so i all i ask is a minimum of TWO stories a month (obviously the more you write the better.) that been said since the premise of the group is about actors and actresses social media sets are encouraged , plus they are an easy way to stay active without writing.
- If you won't be able to be active for whatever reason let the mod know.
- If you need any help please feel free to pm the mod , i am more than happy to help!

returning shows -
new shows -
in production -
Models , Actors+ Actresses , Bloggers etc are fine. No Site models, Disney ,Nick and the usual people. If you are unsure on whether your chosen model is okay to use pm me and we can discuss it .
Audition Requirements :
+ A fashion set including desired model.
+ Completed Bio
+ Tag the mods when finished.

Bio Layout.
▸Name (Age)
▸Hometown ll Current Location
▸ Birthday (Starsign)
▸ Model/ Faceclaim.

▸Quirks/Habits/ Mannerisms
▸ Style
▸Current Role - (Preferable a character from a returning show or new show) [Include the name , small bio and the show)
▸Past Roles : (doesn't have to be to detailed just a list. can be included on a different set just link it in your audition)

▸ Important Relationships:
▸Relationship Status :

▸Taken : @/username
▸ Top 3 roles for your character - Other than the role stated above. Please choose one role from each returning shows , new shows and in production shows.
Optional :
▸Five Facts
▸ How To Write Collection
▸Social Media

Point of No Return

Point of No Return

There is a line you cross; you never come back from. Point of no return - Carlito, Carlito's Way.
Everyone has a secret they want to keep...
Everyone has a story to tell...
What if they were the same thing?
It has been said that there is nothing colder than a Russian winter, I tend to disagree. Here in St. Petersburg, the coldest thing is not the weather but it could be the man you see in the street on his phone or the women buying a new pair of louboutins.
Welcome to the world of the society who have it all; the money, the fame and the life that we could only dream of. But everything has its price, nothing comes without a sacrifice. These people aren't just influential for the sake of it, oh no they've earned everything but not in the conventional way. Whether they're killers, dealers or burglars, they're all part of one of the world's biggest communities. They are part of the mafia, the dirtiest game in the book, full of treachery and blood.
Whether you're born into the life or somehow got part of it, either way you have to deal with it because you're in and the only way out is if you're being carried out in a wooden box.
The choice is yours and yours alone...

By now we all know the basic High Fashion RP Rules but since this is pretty much something we have to add into the sacred info section, jeez lets just do this
- Don't question why the mods are two people who have zero talents in writing (this is us being humble. ha!)
- We don't bite, don't be afraid to pm us to ask questions about this RP
- The usual, no godmodding, no txt talk and no outside drama (we know its tempting but keep it to yourself and suck it up mewling quims.)
- Please don't make your character perfect. Don't use Disney/Nick/etc models and try not to copy people's bio!
- Since the group is based on the mafia there will be slightly more adult situations, so if you can't handle or don't want to see it, don't join - it's simple really.
- The most vital thing for a roleplay is to be active so make sets and stories but also remember to READ and COMMENT on other members sets. On that note we know busy lives means not that much poly time so we have whenever you have inspirations you can post stories rule!
- While this isn't exactly a rule you have to follow, we would really love it if you can audition with a male character.
- You don't have to be in the last group to join this, simply look through the UNPLAYABLES collection to find out about the key people.
- Enjoy, have fun with us.
First and foremost, check the unplayables collection and see which key people you want to follow. If you by any chance want to be part of their family etc please ask permission from the mods first. Once you get the thumbs up, you're now ready to choose which clan you want to get into. Please be informed that not everyone can be in the Russian clan, there are other clans too so please choose wisely. Fill out the following layout with a set containing your model that also includes a story and any of the following: collection, storyboard, playlists or all three of them.
☠ NAME: (use the cute skull icon hehe)
GOES BY: (nickname if applicable)
FROM: (which clan Russian, British etc)
STORY: it doesn't have to be long but don't make it too short either.

☠ Nikolai Andrei Romanov
Andrei to the society
Niko to Sera and few close people
AGE: twenty seven years old
FROM: Russian Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Married to Sera Sexington of the European Clan
MODEL: Jared Leto
☠ William Sexington
AGE: forty eight years old
FROM: European Clan
MODEL: Robert Downey Jr
☠ Lorenzo Ventresca
GOES BY: Lorenzo
AGE: thirty five years old
FROM: Italian Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Its Complicated
MODEL: Milo Ventimiglia
☠ Nishikado Ai
AGE: forty seven years old
FROM: Asian Clan
MODEL: Gong Li
☠ James Kennedy
GOES BY: jamie
AGE: thirty two years old
BIRTH PLACE: United States
FROM: American Clan
MODEL: Ryan Gosling
☠ Lovisa Johansson
GOES BY: Reynaldo
AGE: twenty six years old
FROM: Spanish Clan
MODEL: kate upton
☠ Kazimir Orlov
AGE: twenty eight years old
FROM: Russian Clan
MODEL: Penn Badgley
☠ Yulia Karpov
AGE: twenty years old
FROM: Russian Clan
MODEL: julija steponaviciute
☠ Katerina Lombardo
AGE: twenty five years old
FROM: Russian Clan
MODEL: Alessandra Ambrossio
☠ Sebastian Sexington
AGE: twenty seven years old
FROM: European Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Its Complicated
MODEL: Ed Westwick
☠ Seraphina Lucretia Romanov nee Sexington
AGE: twenty three years old
FROM: European Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Married to Andrei Romanov
MODEL: Jessica Lowndes
☠ Clarence Ansley
AGE: fifty years old
FROM: European Clan
MODEL: William Baldwin
☠ Cedric Beaumount
AGE: twenty six years old
FROM: European Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Its Complicated
MODEL: Robert Pattinson
☠ Aurora Durand
GOES BY: Aurora
AGE: twenty three years old
FROM: European Clan
MODEL: Leighton Meester
☠ Angelo Ventresca
GOES BY: Angel
AGE: twenty eight years old
FROM: Italian Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Its Complicated
MODEL: Ian Somerhalder
☠ Bérgamot Grizeau
AGE: twenty nine years old
FROM: Italian Clan
RELATIONSHIP: Lorenzo's Mistress
MODEL: Bérénice Marlohe

The Girls Of Theta House.

The Girls Of Theta House.

Currently accepting Auditions at the moment.
Noun : Sorority
A group of girls or women associated for a common purpose; a sisterhood.
(US) A social organization of female students at a college or university; usually identified by Greek letters.

Exams have finished , the thrill of graduation is over and Summer is come and gone which means your about to start your first year of college.

Your bags are packed , You said your goodbyes , You got your ticket.

Welcome to Brown University , Est. 1764. Located in Providence , Rhode Island. This will be where you spend the rest of your days and nights. Well at least until you've got your degree.

Studying , Socialising and ofcourse sororities.Well at least for us girls anyway.

We kindly welcome you to Kappa Alpha Theta (ΚΑΘ) Also known as Theta. Established in 1870 to give woman a support group in mostly male dominated college. While the time has changed greatly the message is the same.

"Today, Kappa Alpha Theta values its unique history, and takes pride in their four founders, who were truly visionary. Their vision statement—Kappa Alpha Theta is the organization that provides the finest and most rewarding membership experience for women—is based on Theta's core purpose and values. The purpose is to support members to learn, grow, and excel, and the core values are personal excellence, friendship/sisterhood, scholarship, service, and leadership."

So there you have it. Welcome To Theta House.
This roleplay will be a small group of 8-12 people at most. This is because i want the group to be a close knit kinda thing since the characters are meant to be. That been said if we have a lot auditions by the time audition's are over then i will choose. So please be aware that you may not get in.
Brown's Official Site :
Brown's Wikipedia Page :
Brown Tumblr -
Official Site :
Wikipedia Page :

RULES: Okay so by now we all the basic roleplay roles. No god modding , Ask to use others people characters. Drama = good when its in character ,outside of the group it sucks. The the only thing i really want people to do is comment on each others sets and of course collab because collabs make friends.

Now i understand alot of people are busy with school , uni , work or maybe even just living life. So i won't force any strict set requirements but please be aware that if you do have to be active. There will be events and yes i know most people don't use them but still.
Love Interests & Friends:
Family Members -
Love Interests:
Audition Requirements:

London's Little Secrets

London's Little Secrets

What happen's when Daddie's little girl turns into a hot mess?
What happen's when miss perfect becomes miss train wreck?
What happen's to the girls who aren't who they are supposed to be?
They become London's best keep secret. These girls have the bank accounts and the looks to be the British version of Blair Waldorf but none of these girls are as perfect as they are expected to be.
No matter how bad these girls screw up , you know you want to be them? I mean who wouldnt want to live the life of London's little secret? Late night parties , fashion shows , drunk hook up's , club opens. These girl's get invitied to the hottest events and why wouldn't they? We all know how good Kate Moss is for publicity , these girls would be the mother load.
Welcome to London's secret.

* * * * *
July 2010 ~
June 2010 ~
May 2010 ~
1. Try to be as active as possible; at least 3 sets a week.
2. If you choose to leave the group, or if you'll be inactive for awhile,
please let ALL of the moderators know.
3. Be nice to all the members! Unless it's part of the RP of course, haha. Keep it in the roleplay, please. Have respect for your fellow talented roleplayers.
4. The characters are all extremely wealthy...designer names, high-class, please.
5. All stories must be a paragraph, at the least.
6. You need to have good or at least average writing skills. Good grammar please. We don't want our girls to sound like idiots, right?
[ Around The City]

- Send the link to your tryout set to 'xchrissykinzx [taking requests]
- Tryout sets must include:
1. character name. {from OPEN CHARACTERS section}
2. the bio you have written for the character. [Check Bio layout]
3. a paragraph (at the least) of a story that shows off your writing skills
4. picture of the character's model in the set. {from OPEN CHARACTERS section}
(read rules prior to trying out, please.)
Full Name (First& Last are given , middle name is optional)
Age ( 17- 25)
Bio ( Atleast six sentences)
Likes/ Dislike
Flaws (every character has to have one)
Style ( describe their style)
Family ( Mom , Dad , Sibilings include their name's and occupations)
Social Status - (Will be given to you after we have atleast 15 characters)
Model (Given. You can change it but please no sitemodels , no disney celebs , no one to old)
* * * * * *
Open Girls -
Taken Girls -
Boys - coming soon.

Insta Fame

Insta Fame

What is Instafamous?
According to The Washington Post, Instafamous can simply be defined as “a self-made micro-celebrity, known for his/her work on the Internet only.”
selfie , hashtags, filters, tags, likes, snapchat , followers, emoji's - all words that either didn't exist or had a different meaning 10 years ago - the golden days , before the age of the millennial.
In the fast paced world it was only natural that what it takes to become famous has changed from been talented to been able to get the most followers on social media. We've seen at model castings where the pick the Insta-girl whose walk is subpar at best but still gets chosen over the hardworking industry veteran because she has more followers on Instagram, you see it when you ask someone what was on the news last night and they can't answer but if you ask them about Kanye's latest twitter rant or that new Selfie Kim posted - well they could write you an essay on it.
Maybe we are been to harsh on today's generation , maybe there is more to them selfie sticks and swift squads , I mean there are Amandla Stenberg's among the Kylie Jenners. There are the people protesting for the rights of the women, men and everything in between. People fighting to prove Climate change is real. Surely they can't all be bad right?
So we have decided to look into the world of the insta-celeb, the self made celebrities known for what they wore, who they saw and what filter they used to see if they really are the empty headed narcissists the older generation portrays them as or if there is something more to to them.
This our look into the life of an insta-celebrity, is real them made up of selfie's and hashtags or is there more to these seemingly picture perfect people. Get a look into their world #nofilter
How many members?
Well it really comes to down to interest but i do want this to be a small group so i am going to say a minimum of 6 members and a max of 15
How active do i have to be?
Well since this roleplay is primarily based on the lives of people famous on the internet the amount of stories you would need to post would be pretty relaxed - i would say right now maybe two stories per month (though the more the better) , obviously social media sets count to activity in this group and lastly for me activity isn't just posting sets it's interacting and commenting on other members sets.
Does my character have to be a female?
No - you can play whatever gender you want.
What type of Faceclaims can be used?
The normal no disney/nick/sitemodel rule is in place here but other than that i don't mind , you can use models , actresses/actors , bloggers - you choose . Diversity is encouraged and it might be useful to choose a faceclaim that has a strong instagram presence.
Can my character have a job outside / been famous outside of been famous on the internet?
Yes of course but i'd prefer if they didn't have an substantial claim to fame (like no award winning actresses or super famous singer.) they can be related/friends/dated someone famous but yeah preferable not famous for anything important /outside of the internet. As for job's - of course they can have it , just again nothing over the top , these people's main source of income is the internet.
Does this roleplay have a rating?
No - but if you are going to write anything triggering/se.xual just give a warning before your story so the other members can decide if they want to read.
Where is it set?
While this roleplay is primarily set in LA it's not necessary for you character to live or be based there since your characters will be constantly on the move , travelling around the world for various reasons.
Okay so by now we all know the basic roleplay roles. No god modding , Ask to use others people characters. Drama = good when its in character ,outside of the group it sucks. The the only thing i really want people to do is comment on each others sets and of course collab because collabs make friends.

Now i understand alot of people are busy with school , uni , work or maybe even just living life. So i won't force any strict set requirements but please be aware that if you do have to be active.
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Bree Anderson is played by @chrissykinz
Kagome Miyu is played by @pommepadour
Melody Hastings is played by @buffykdh
Angela Owens is played by @spacelava
Audrey Lee is played by @elizabeth-kate
Parvis Ejnar Astarabadi-Rasmussen is played by @cherrygummybear21
James Kachman is played by @elaineeeee
Olivia Gessert is played by @m00n-child
Name (Age)
Nicknames :
Birthday (Starsign)
Model :

Personality :
Quirks +Habits +Mannerisms
Dislikes :
Style :
Occupation :
Bio :
Important Relationships
Faves :
Possession :
Food :
Pizza :
Social Media Accounts (include usernames + follower count)
Is there a theme to that can be seen on your instagram :
Most used emoji
Fave hashtag
A Insta -Set featuring your character most popular posts over the past year.
Writing Sample:

Wizarding Schools Around The World Challenge

Wizarding Schools Around The World Challenge

Inspired by all those challenge groups including but not limited to The Epic Harry Potter Challenge, The Teen Wolf Challenge , The Hunger Games Challenge , Etc. Also partially inspired by Just The Audition.
All of this (minus the first 3 schools.) is based on the amazing gif sets and heacanons of asheathes (
This is a fashion / slight roleplay challenge group.
The Basic's Of This Challenge.
- Well it's pretty simple, make a set + character for each of the wizarding schools listed . Now you can do as many as you want whether it be one or two or all of them. I am not too fussed it's meant to be fun and to further explore the wonderful world JK Rowling created.
- Characters can be of any gender so don't feel restricted to making only female characters.
- Note more schools could be added.
The Character Layout.
Name (Age)
Blood Status :
Model/FC :
Quirks + Habits
Likes + Dislikes:
Short Bio :
Wand :
Patronous :
Favourite Subject :
Worst Subject
Qudditich Position (if applicable)
House if applicable (note most of these don't come with predetermined houses so it's upto you to create them . If you do please explain each House.)

5 Headcanons about your character and said school.
Optional :
Moodboard / Aesthetics Board
Social Media (If applicable)
PT 1. Canon Schools.
oo1. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
oo2. Beauxbatons Acadmey of Magic.
oo3. Durmstrang Institute
oo4. Castelobruxo
oo5. Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
oo6. Koldovstoretz
oo7. Mahoutokoro School of Magic
oo8. Uagadou School of Magic
NON CANON SCHOOLS (ie. Asheathes Wizarding Schools.)
oo1. Chinese Institute of Magic
oo2. Russian Academy of Magic
oo3. The Academy of Sorcery
oo4. The Banff Academy of Magical Studies
oo5. The Mexican School for Enriched Magical Studies
oo6. South African Institue for Witches and Wizards
oo7. The Young Witches and Wizards Preparatory Academy
oo8. The Australian College of Sorcery and Witchcraft
oo9. The Brazilian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
o10. The Egyptian School for young Socerers
o11. The Scandinavian Acadmey of Sorcery and Studies
o12. Japanese Institute for Magical Practices
o13. The New Zealand Academy of Spellcraft
o14. The Dutch School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (
o15. South Korean Institute for the Art of Spellcraft
o16. The Salem Witches Institute
o17. The Caribbean
o18. The Maritimes School for Magical Learning
o19. The Beijing Institute for Witches and Wizards
o20. The Greek Institute for Advanced Magic
o21. The Nigerian School of Sorcery (
o22. The Patagonia Academy for Young Witches and Wizards
o23. The Philippine School of Sorcery for Young Witches and Wizards
o24. The Pakistani Institute of Magical Studies
o25. The Arizona Academy for Sorcery Training
o26. The Dubai School for Gifted Magic Folk
o27. The Italian School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
o29.The South Indian Academy of Sorcery
o30. The Malaysian Institute for Advanced Magical Education
o31. The German Academy of Spellcraft
o32. The Chilean School for the Magically Inclined
o33. The Irish Academy of Magic
o34. The Jamaican Academy for Sorcery Studies
o35. Maldives School of Magic
o36. The Israeli School for Young Witches and Wizards ( )
o37. Venetian Academy For Magically Gifted
o38. The International Wizarding Space Academy
o39.Create your own school.